Xiaomi MiJia 25 in 1 Screwdriver Set Review

I’ve been servicing small and portable devices for a long time, the precision screwdriver set that I use the most at the moment was bought around 2007. It’s held up well but as I’m doing more work on mobile phones there are some smaller and less common screwdrivers that I’ve needed. I’ll confess that I often use the free [poor quality] ones that come bundled with items but it’s really time I get my own.

Xiaomi MiJia 25 in 1 Screwdriver Set

I came across the Xiaomi MiJia set on eBay and at less than £10 delivered I thought I’d give them a go. They are shown on a lot of YouTube channels, come in a handy organised case and are magnetic which is handy with some of the small screws I work with.

Xiaomi MiJia 25 in 1 Screwdriver Set Case

I decided to go for the orange coloured case, this will make it hard to lose. The case opens like a book and has two magnets that hold it closed. The case has no branding or markings on it at all to suggest it is a Xiaomi product. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s sold under other names.

Opening the case it doesn’t feel like a high quality item, but with expectations in line (It was less than £10) it feels acceptable and robust enough. Initial impressions of the screw bit holder and handle are very positive – I like how it looks and the bits are marked.

Xiaomi MiJia 25 in 1 Screwdriver Bits

Well, sort of. The markings are a bit faded in some areas as you can see on the photo above. The stamped markings on the bits themselves are a little inconsistent but they are still there. Look at the top row in the above photo for an example, you can’t see the P of the PH1 and the orientation is different.

Xiaomi MiJia 25 in 1 Screwdriver Set Bits

The quality control on some of the bits is lacking here, the photo above and below are an example of this. The stamped marking on the Torx T5 piece is very bizarre – it looks OK on the other side but the mess above is how it was when I opened it. Below you can see that the T5 piece is also bent – I’m yet to try and straighten this with a pair of pliers but if you click to enlarge the photo above you’ll see that the splines on the bit aren’t straight/smooth either.

Xiaomi MiJia 25 in 1 Screwdriver Set Bent Bit

Does it work though? Yes. If you put aside the limited number of poorly manufactured bits the others appear good. There are pentalobe bits (Used on Apple devices) and tri-wing bits (Used on Nintendo devices) which will be much better quality than the ones that come bundled free with parts.

The magnetic aspect of the bits works very well. You can attach a very small screw to a bit, place it into the thread and screw it in without fear of losing it.

The handle itself (Not photographed on it’s own) also feels like good quality, it’s smooth and just the correct weight.

Overall I feel the set is very good for the money asked and if you don’t already own a set I’d recommend buying as they come in handy from time to time. They aren’t premium quality and the experience someone else has may be very different from mine due to the limited quality control.

Do you own a set, if yes – what do you think? How do they compare to the set I bought.

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  1. I've been looking at these and I think you've done a good job at setting expectations on quality. Thanks!

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