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Over the past few weeks I’ve been playing around with X-Plane 10, I was surprised to find that there are no options available to push your aircraft back from the terminal building like you can in the Microsoft titles (Shift+P).

On a more positive note after a quick search online I found a very quick and easy plugin that works with versions of X-Plane from V8.40 to the current version.  It’s called SimplePushback and provides a no-frill feature to push the aircraft you are using away from the terminal building.  I’ve tested this and confirm it works on my Windows install, however it claims to work in the Mac and Linux versions also.

You can download and use SimplePushback by clicking here; SimplePushback 0.5.

Some notes from the plugin creator;

Just as simple as in MS Flightsimulator but alot smoother. 
Also with this plugin you can control direction in realtime with the rudder.
Helpful textmessages and for some people, funny comments.

SimplePushback has evolved from a simple pushback tool to a fully featured groundhandling system. Besides pushing you can pull your aircraft. A mode called autotaxi will let you keep precise speeds during taxi. v0.5 also introduces two new modes, fastpull which is meant for gliders which only have one wheel and autopush left and right for the lazy people.

New in v0.5:
* SimplePushback is now fully customizeable with a new inifile. Finally! Virtually all settings are setable. Like speeds, toggles you need, toggledelay, hotkey.
* Added one more toggle – fastpull. This is meant for sailplanes with only one wheel.
* Added two more toggles – autopush left and right. For the lazy people!  
* Added a menu which only purpose is to show a small aboutbox. To avoid confusion if plugin is loaded or not! 
* Added panicmode: Autotaxi will now disable itself if you hold brakes for a while (3 secs).
* Autotaxi will now wait for you to release brakes (if set) rather than disabling them automatically.
New in v0.4:
* Automatic taxispeeds using thrust and brakes to keep a smooth speed.
* Forward pull
* Hotkey now has a toggle functionality.

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2 thoughts on “SimplePushback for X-Plane 10

  1. This does not work in x plane 10, I read the installation instructions and put the windows folder in the X plane 10 plug insfolder as instructed……


    It doesn't show up in the plug ins menu

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