SickRage : What it is and why you should use it

I’ve been discussing various content download options on Reddit and have been asked to share my end-to-end download solution that I use at home.  I’m going to do this, but before I do I need to cover some pre-requisites first with SickRage being one of them.

SickRage in addition to “Sick Beard” and “Sonarr” are applications that [pretty much] do the same thing, automate your TV Show download process. You may hear them being described as “Internet PVR” which is a neat way of summing up their purpose.

Let’s say that you are the type of guy that downloads TV Shows as they air – it’s Friday morning and The Big Bang Theory aired last night, you’ll go to either your Torrent site or Usenet Indexer and pull the Torrent/NZB, load it into your download client and once it’s downloaded you’ll either watch it or rename and archive into a folder structure.

That whole process is exactly what SickRage does – you tell it what shows you watch and it does the rest and provides some options for your convenience;

  • Has the show already aired X seasons? You have the option of downloading them or skipping them.
  • Only interested in 1080p quality? You can specify the quality of the files that are downloaded.
  • Use a private tracker? Options are provided to support these, you can add custom sites also.

SickRage runs as a service, if you aren’t sure what this means – basically it runs silently in the background and requires no manual intervention from you.

Three final points;

  • SickRage can be run locally on a home system you have like a Desktop PC/Laptop/Home Server or it can be run remotely on a dedicated/shared server. (Seedbox… more on that later)
  • Many people comment that Torrent sites don’t work great with SickRage (And the others) and actively encourage you to configure with Usenet. My experience with Torrents has been perfectly fine, and at time of writing would be concerned about being able to download historical episodes from Usenet due to DMCA take downs.
  • There is a version for movies also, it’s called CouchPotato.

I hope this post has been helpful – any questions you have please comment below or get in touch.

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