Resetting Display Resolution in Win XP

One thing that really annoys me is when I see someone with this issue and they ask online, typically on Yahoo Answers and some know-it-all geek comes along with the generic “Safe mode” response… that won’t fix it!

Picture the scenario… your grandmother calls you and asks you to rebuild her desktop.  You take it home, leaving the 15″ monitor and such behind. Plug into your 50″ 1080p TV and follow through with the Windows install. You take it back, hook it up and get a “Out of range” or “Resolution too high” message on her monitor as you forgot to lower the resolution.

In many cases, the resolution will self adjust for the monitor but often not. So you ask online and some twat refers you to Safe Mode which only has the generic 640×480 resolution – of course it does … that’s part of the behaviour of safe mode.

You need to use……….. VGA MODE!*  It’ll fire up in a general low resolution mode, though this time whatever you set the resolution to will be carried over to the…… standard mode?

* If you did come here for genuine help with this issue, start the system – after POST tap away at F8 and when you are presented with the Windows Startup Options… select Start in VGA Mode.


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