Remove Descent Lock on DJI Phantom 3 Standard Controller

If you’ve recently bought a DJI Phantom 3 Standard quadcopter you may have found the left stick has what is known as a “Descent Lock”.  Simply put, if you move the stick to the bottom it’ll click and hold the stick in place.

The benefit of this? If you are descending the aircraft it means you don’t have to hold the stick down. The negative of this? If you use a different controller mode it becomes awkward and to me generally feels awkward when you start the aircraft.

Good news – it’s very easy to remove!  It’ll take you less than five minutes and doesn’t require breaking any warranty seals, it’s easily added back in too.  Here is how we do it.

You’ll need a precision phillips head screwdriver, start at the back of the controller and remove the screws from the unmarked holes.

Once the screws are out the rear of the controller can be removed. Do not pull it too hard as the battery is here and wires run between the two parts for the camera angle adjuster. There is also a section of the rear casing fits under the antenna you need to wobble out.

The photo above will show you the wires running between the two parts.  On this photo, compare the mechanisms for the two sticks, you’ll see the left stick has a metal bracket in place that isn’t on the right stick.

Whilst watching at the back of the controller, move the left stick down and you’ll see how the metal bracket holds it in place.

To remove the descent lock, simply remove this metal bracket.  One screw is black and the other is unfinished, once both screws are removed I’d put them into a small bag with the bracket should you ever wish to refit one day.  An alternative would be to remove the bracket and put the screws in alone so they don’t get lost.

Refitting the case is as removal, start by sliding the section under the antenna in first.

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