Reduce Windows 10 Startup Time

Have you found since installing Windows 10 that it isn’t starting as quick as you’d like? Let’s assume you’ve not bought an entry-level model and have reasonable hardware on a recent machine – it shouldn’t take long to start.

Bought an entry level machine? Upgrade, start with a Solid State Drive. I’ll blog about it another day, no computer in should be without oneNote : this guide also applies to Windows 8.

One way to have Windows start faster is to reduce the number of applications you have launching as part of the Windows startup procedure. When you install things like Adobe Reader, iTunes and Skype to name a few they’ll launch with Windows and slow things down a bit – you can stop this easily.

Please note that by disabling these applications from starting with Windows you are NOT removing the application altogether – they’ll still function as intended.

Start at the Windows taskbar, find an empty space and right-click then select the Task Manager option.7f538-1_menu

Once in the Task Manager select the Start-up tab and all applications configured to start as part of the Windows loading procedure will display.

Identify any applications you use, but don’t require to start with Windows (I’d disable as much as you can). In the example below I’d like to disable the BlueStacks Agent – I can see that it’s enabled to starting with Windows from the Status field, to stop this from happening simply right-click the item and select Disable.


In the example above I disabled everything with exception of Chrome (The application used most on my laptop), OneDrive (To ensure any files I save in the OneDrive folder are uploaded) and Garmin Express (Detects my Garmin GPS tracker and uploads my activities). Items such as OneNote, Skype, iTunes and Spotify are things I use frequently – but I don’t need them launching with Windows.
Applications I recommend you don’t disable – System Protection and Applications to support hardware such as Printers. Take a judgement call, if disabling an item causes problems with that application you can simply re-enable and reboot to have it launch automatically again.

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