Quick TV Show Renaming – Win & Mac

If like myself you are in the habit of downloading your favourite television shows (as you’ve missed them when broadcast on the TV) then you’ll likely experience the inconsistency in filenames as they vary depending on who created the file, how and where it has been shared.

The Problem

An example of this is below;

Game of Thrones s04e03 Breaker of Chains (2014) 720p HDTV – LEGE.mkv

The two files above are the same TV show, for myself and many others I don’t really care who encoded it and other than when initially starting the download I don’t care about the resolution – I know all my TV shows are 720p.

What does annoy me is when my OCD kicks in and all my files are in different filename formats, I wanted a quick and easy solution to making the filenames of my files consistent, regardless of the TV show.

Windows Users

I then found a freeware application called theRenamer, this application impressed me within 5 seconds of launching. Drag any number of TV shows into the application, it’ll figure out which one is which and then by looking up against the TVDB it’ll rename each file in a consistent manner giving you the flexibility of selecting that format, I settled for;

Game of Thrones.S04E03.Breaker of Chains.mkv

Since I started using this, I can sleep comfortably in the knowledge that thousands of TV Shows on my NAS have uniformed filenames.

You can download theRenamer here, I highly recommend it.

Mac Users

When I made the switch (Not full time, I switch between a lot) to Mac I was gutted when I realised that there was no version of theRenamer for Mac. There was a Java applet (FileBot) that did something similar but the interface was awful and to be honest I’ve yet to have positive experience with any Java application. I don’t care how many devices run it.

Some time has passed and I’m using my MacBook Air more often due to it’s light weight and outstanding battery life, my TV Shows have been building up and awaiting me launch Parallels to get it sorted out but today I done a quick search online and found a new application called renameIT.

Again, renameIT is a freeware application and takes little effort to install on Mac. I dragged my first folder of TV Shows onto it and in an instant it had the files ready for renaming – configuring my preferred format was a piece of cake.

You can download renameIT here, I highly recommend it.



So there you have it, two outstanding applications that keep your filenames tidy with very little effort. Surely I’m not the only one with a little OCD receiving great benefit from this?

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