Plusnet TG585v8 Gaming Issues

It’s hot topic at the moment, Plusnet customers with the Thomson TG585v8 modem/router are having a nightmare gaming online with their PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. The short steps that I’ve posted here will help you quickly correct this.

A common complaint is when playing games such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 – the NAT Type is always Strict. These steps will change this to Open.

The steps here are for a computer running Windows 7, the initial task is to install the Telnet Client – once Telnet is installed we will use this to reconfigure the modem/router.

Install the Telnet Client

  1. Click the Start button and search/select “Programs and Features”.
  2. On the left, click “Turn windows features on/off”.
  3. Check the box next to “Telnet Client”.
  4. Click on OK and allow for Windows to install the tool.

Reconfigure the modem/router

  1. Hold the windows key on the keyboard, and press “R”.
  2. When the run dialogue is displayed, key the text below and click “OK”.
  3. telnet
  4. When asked for a username, enter “admin“.
  5. When asked for the password, enter your set password or the serial number starting “CP…“.
  6. Next, enter the commands showing below – press enter after each entry.

:connection bind application=CONE(UDP) port=69
:connection bind application=CONE(UDP) port=3074
:connection bind application=CONE(UDP) port=3478-3479
:connection bind application=CONE(UDP) port=88

Once done the above, reboot the console if it is on and retry.

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