Missing your All Mail folder with Gmail on Outlook?

I noticed when I first set up my Google Mail (Gmail) account with Microsoft Outlook 2007 as IMAP that the “All Mail” folder wasn’t available.  If you use Gmail yourself you’ll understand that this can be a frustration.

I always thought it was a limitation of Gmail somehow, but then noticed that it was available on the OSX Mail app on my Apple MacBook Pro and also on my iPhone – I got used to using the webmail interface on my Windows systems and never really looked into it.


The problem remains with Microsoft Outlook 2010, and today I wanted to store an email locally which the webmail interface of Gmail doesn’t really offer as an option.  If the All Mail folder wasn’t a problem with Outlook I know I could save it locally without any problem – so I took some time and looked into it (Didn’t take long to find the solution)

It doesn’t take long to correct this, the problem is that Outlook does not automatically subscribe to the all mail folder.  Looking at the screenshot above, right click on the [Google Mail] folder and select “IMAP Folders…”.  Ensure the “All” tab is selected and click the Query Button…


You’ll notice that the All Mail folder doesn’t have a folder next to it, as it isn’t subscribed.  If you switch to the Subscribed tab you’ll notice it doesn’t show.  Simply click on the All Mail folder and then click on the Subscribe button – click OK and the All Mail folder will come available.

A video showing this is below;

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