Migrate Outlook.com Calendar to Google Calendar

Looking to move your calendar from Outlook.com to Google Calendar? This short guide has you covered – once complete all your previous and future calendar entries will be moved over to the Google account. In my example I have only the one calendar in both my Outlook and Google accounts and I’m looking to move all calendar entries.

Find it easier to watch rather than read? A video demonstration is available at the bottom of this post.

I’ve started by creating a test entry in my Outlook calendar just to demonstrate. It’s 26-Sep today and I created this “old” entry from yesterday afternoon.

We’ll jump into the Outlook settings – you can get to this by clicking the gear icon at the top-right hand corner of the screen followed by View all Outlook Settings. Once in the Outlook settings select Calendar followed by Shared Calendars.

Within the Publish a calendar section, select your calendar followed by Can view all details then press the Publish button. Two links will display, one for HTML and the other for ICS. Go ahead and click the ICS link and select Download. Save the ICS file somewhere on your hard drive. I saved mines as outlook calendar.ics so I knew exactly what it was.

With the file downloaded we can jump into your Google Calendar. At the left hand side of the calendar interface click the plus icon next to Other calendars followed by Import.

Select the ICS file that you downloaded from your Outlook.com account and press the Import button.

Fingers crossed all has gone well, you’ll receive a message that confirms how the import has gone. This may take a few moments if you have many calendar entries.

Below you can see a confirmation from Google Calendar that shows the test entry that I created in my Outlook.com account!

How did it go for you? I’d like to hear if this has helped you out! If you’d rather watch a video demonstration of this process I have provided one below.

2 thoughts on “Migrate Outlook.com Calendar to Google Calendar

  1. This worked brilliantly for the last 6 months and, as far as I can see, all future events. I have the most current calendar stuff in my Google calendar now – thank you for posting this.

    Any clue how I might get history older than 6 months moved over? I keep track of consultancy work in my calendar and need to keep the older stuff too. I couldn't see anything obvious going back through this to change a time-frame.

    1. Glad to hear it was partially successful for you. Shame about the six month issue, I'm not sure if this is on Outlook or Google for applying an import/export limitation.

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