Metal Phone Mount for DJI Phantom 3 Standard

Having done a few flights with my Phantom 3 Standard now, I’ve not been all that satisfied with the plastic clip mount it comes with for your phone.  Sure, it does the job but it wobbles around a lot when using the phone during flight and the position isn’t ideal either.

Those who opted for the Advanced or Professional models have a mount that sits in the middle of the RC and whilst still being plastic is a lot more solid.

Last night I found this one on Amazon; MyArmor Remote Control Phone Bracket Stretchable Clip Smartphone Holder Mount Kit for DJI Phantom 3 Standard Silver at a mere £8.99 so I decided to give it a go.  It is secured onto the RC lanyard mount and does not require opening the case or drilling into it.

It arrived today (Don’t you love Prime delivery?!) and I fitted it, as I expected it is indeed solid as you’d expect being metal and having little tolerance for flexibility – the clamp at the top holds my iPhone 6S (Cased) with plenty room to spare.

The mount does allow for height and angle adjustment by loosening some of the screws, adjusting and re-tightening.  You’ll see above that it also provides holes for securing a lanyard as the original mount did.

The original mount is easily removed by removing two screws and pulling it off the rear handle – for now I’ve chucked it into the box but don’t see it making it back onto my controller.

In other news, I ordered a case for my drone but unfortunately it was a really poor fit – the case though advertised for the Phantom 3 Standard clearly wasn’t shaped for one.  I’ve since ordered a Phantom 2 Vision+ case that I plan to modify for my Phantom 3… I’ll post about that once done.

To secure my camera and gimbal when in the case I ordered a 3D printed clamp via eBay France.  Unlike the case it is a perfect fit, I’ve finished it off with a DJI sticker!

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