Leon MK2 1P Radio Removal Simple Guide

I recently removed the radio from my MK2 Leon (1P) so I could fit an Apple CarPlay / Android Auto unit instead. In it’s lifecycle the MK2 Leon has had a number of different radios, being one of the last models mines came with an RCD310 which you can see below.

Despite it’s large and brick like shape this isn’t a Double DIN. If you are looking to replace your radio you’ll need a fascia. For this radio it’s a MK5 Golf fascia I’ll be using but if you have an older MK2 Leon you’ll likely need to replace the dashboard trim too.

As I was removing mines I thought I’d take some photos and create this guide – many online guides have lost their images through time. If you’d like to remove yours, follow the instructions below. Please excuse the dirty interior, it was -6°c today and isn’t interior cleaning weather.

Using something soft like a trim removal tool to reduce damage to the dashboard materials, start by prizing off from the bottom right hand corner as shown below – I found this the easiest section to get the tool into.

Look a couple of photos down to get an idea where the clips are holding the dashboard trim in place and work in a clockwise motion to pop it off.

Eventually it’ll come free, there are no cables attached to it. The green clips that hold the trim on are quite clear to see and you’ll see why the bottom-right was a good place to start.

The radio unit itself is held in with four Torx T25 screws, one at each corner. Remove the screws as shown below and store somewhere safely.

With the screws removed, the radio itself can be pulled forward from the dashboard.

It’ll only come forward so far and the wiring harness will hold it back. Tilt the front of the radio downwards to gain access to the rear – remove the main quadlock cable which is at the left and the antenna cables at the right.

Now the radio will come free providing you access to start fitting your aftermarket radio. It seems quite spacious but you’ll soon see this quickly fills up with the new unit.

Below you can see the VW to Double DIN fascia that I’ll be using. I picked this one up on eBay for £15, it’s comparable quality plastics to the rest of the Leons interior.

Some additional information that you might find handy whilst you are here. If you are fitting an aftermarket radio to your Leon you’ll need a little more than a fascia and potentially dashboard trim to fit. Whilst you can get an SOT lead to convert the Quadlock to standard ISO connectors, the Leon (And all VAG cars of the same age) use a CANBUS system which handles the switched live – it’s recommended to run your own switched live from the fusebox or use a Connects2 harness. I’ve gone with the Connects2 harness for my car at around £38. The one required for this Leon is CTSST001.2 which includes a steering wheel controls interface. You’ll also need an Autoleads PC5-137 antenna adapter.

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