Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Genuine Leather Case Review

I had the official Amazon leather case for my original 2010 Kindle and was surprisingly impressed with the quality and the feel of the case. I travelled with this case around the world on various flights and not only did the Kindle still look great when I retired it – the case did too.

Based upon this previous experience it was a no brainer that I opted for the official Amazon leather case again for my 2017 Kindle Paperwhite and I’m pleased to say that Amazon have improved on the case once again. The case has that same quality feel like the original Kindle did but the top has a little bit of a spongier feel and a slightly harder back.

You can see I opted for the “Persimmon” colour – I thank my wife for this as it was a birthday gift. On the front at the middle there is a neat Kindle branded band that I believe is also a magnet. When opening this case the Kindle powers on automatically and closing it over powers the Kindle off – I love that.

The biggest improvement for me however is that the leather on the hinge is a little softer so bending back the front cover behind the case requires a lot less effort – having held the last cover back for many hours I noticed this immediately – example below. On my 2010 Kindle the leather was tougher and the front cover had to be held back.

There are many cases available for the Kindle but I consider this one a highly recommended purchase and great value for money.

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