Killin Winter Walk Photos

I’m not an experienced walker, nor am I a photographer but yesterday I took some photos on my mobile phone that I thought I’d share with you all.

With some friends we had a walk planned up Ben Ledi, but unfortunately with the recent weather warnings we decided to give it a miss and go for something better suited to our experience.  There are a lot of options available in the area and we decided to head to Killin and commence a walk there.

Below is a photo of some still water we passed on the way, and below that a wider shot taken using the panorama mode on my phone.



On arrival conditions were perfect, cold but clear sunny skies and no wind, one of our friends suggested we walk Sron a’Chlachain which is approx 400m/1,300ft and off we went.

I didn’t monitor exactly how long the walk took, but it didn’t seem long at all – once we got to the top we took some photos which I’ve shared with you below.  I recommend clicking on the photos to view them at a higher resolution.


All images taken with an Apple iPhone 4S

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