JVC HAFX1X Product Review

I don’t usually write product reviews unless it’s something I’m genuinely impressed with or would highly recommend to others.  The earphone market is huge, many products for many purposes – for many like myself I like to listen to music from my phone, computer and watch videos on the iPad etc.  For my needs, earphones only need to be reasonable quality – I’m not an audiophile.

Over the past couple of years I’ve had two pairs of Skullcandy Full Metal Jackets – the first pair was around £50 and the second was a warranty replacement.  Both of them had good sound quality, but both gave me electric shocks when using with my laptop and desktop computers – both also suffered an issue with one side failing altogether.  Following a recommendation, I picked up a set of Sennheiser CX300’s … these sounded better but after a shorter period of time one of the earbuds died – same problem happened with a friend that I recommended these too so I didn’t replace them. (Though, my Sennheiser HD201 headphones have been perfect for over a year!)

I change my phones often also and last year bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 and for a few months I’ve been using the earphones that came with that – but have been looking to replace them.  I came across the JVC HADX1X on Amazon at less than £10 delivered and over a thousand reviews with an average of four stars -so I bought these.

Firstly, as always the service from Amazon was quick – they came within a couple of days.  The packaging as always was overkill as you’ll see below.  If packed into a nice flat box – they’d have fitted through the letter box and wouldn’t required delivery by a van.


You may notice that they come in a dreaded blister pack.  Why are people still using these?  They are hellish to open – given the area I live there is always a sharp knife handy so I quickly sliced open the packaging with ease.

The earphones come contained in a black carry case which is handy.  You can just see from the image above that headphone cables can be fed through two small holes in the case – I’m not sure what the benefit is here as the headphones and their buds fit into the case fine.


With regards the the earphone buds, they are big and contain 10mm drivers – this contributes greatly to the quality of the audio and bass.  They do look a little odd at first, but fit perfectly and with the style of them – it’s quick to identify which side is which.  Extra earbuds of different sizes are provided to suit different people.

The cable of the earphones is worthy of a mention also.  If you’ve owned Apple earphones you’ll be farmiliar with a nice thin and smooth single cable that isn’t formed into a shape in which it’s been coiled/stored – these are the very same.  A single smooth flexible cable runs from the jack and splits further along the line just like the Apple ones – they also fit the iPhone with a case/bumper attached.

The sound of audio I’d say is on-par with the CX300’s … the bass is better with these I’d say.  When listening to audio the outside noise is blocked pretty well – ideal if you are listening to music or watching something when someone else is watching TV in the background.  A lot of comment was made on Amazon about the bass being overdone, however I’d say this isn’t the case – perhaps the devices people are using need re configuring if they have been changing earphones.

I’d really recommend this product, they are cheap, comfortable, convenient and deliver great sound quality.  I’m considering buying another set as a spare, should these ones break – they are cheap enough!

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