Installing a VW RCD330 Plus into a MK2 Leon 1P

Following on from my previous post which covered how to remove the original radio from a MK2 Leon 1P, I’ve since sourced the replacement radio I’m fitting to my car – it’s an OEM VW RCD330 Plus which supports Apple CarPlay.

The reason I picked this radio is that it’s a direct (Almost – keep reading) fit to the MK2 Leon. It uses the existing wiring, illumination matches the original in the car and the steering wheel controls will work too. Note that this applies to my 2012 Facelift Leon 1P, I believe the pre-facelift models (2005 – 2009) may be a little different.

I understand there are different models to go for – I opted for a Desay as it was available from a European seller in Croatia. There are other models, some programmable from Chinese sellers – some of these also support Android Auto. The part number of the one I have is 6RD035187B.

So I connected it to my car and turned on the ignition – it came on like the original and once I connected my phone the CarPlay interface came on screen and everything worked perfect right off the bat.

The radio didn’t feel as well fitted as the original though and I couldn’t get the fascia back on. I remove the climate controls and confirmed there was enough room at the back of the unit, nothing was fouling it there but at the front I noticed the anchor points didn’t meet up as shown below – I almost took a Dremel to them.

I was surprised that the mounting points didn’t match up and felt something wasn’t right – I compared the new RCD330 to the original RCD310 and found that the mounting points and anchor points for the radios were the same… then I realized the problem.

Behind the SD card there is a little block to the casing. I thought that maybe this was the problem and started to disassemble the RCD330. A single Torx T9 is all you need to do this.

Sadly the block is secured rivets and can’t be unscrewed, I took it out to the car and confirmed this was indeed the issue.

So I drilled out the two rivets and removed the box.

A quick re-fit into the dashboard, the screw holes and anchor points are all aligned nicely!

So putting the radio back together the PCB for the SD Card is a little exposed now without the metal box around it but as the dashboard is all plastic here there is no chance of it causing a short. The PCB is also secured by clips to the front of the radio so that the SD Card slot can be used without the PCB coming loose.

Much better!

I’ve talked through the process of fitting it also on the YouTube video below.

19 thoughts on “Installing a VW RCD330 Plus into a MK2 Leon 1P

  1. Chris, thanks for the Mail Merge video. Great instructions. I was hoping to find a way to ask a question, but did not. Regards, Steve

  2. Hi, thank you very much, extremely useful. Please could you tell me where you purchased the unit from?

  3. Hi Crhis, i have a question and i want to know if the USB port behind the radio (the stock one) works with the radio i mean if you can use it for the car play the music etc… Thanks!

    1. This radio won't use the USB socket that may already exist in the car, only the one at the front of the unit will work.

  4. Will this work in my mk2 Leon 2006? It doesn’t have the rcd310 to start with it has the older one

    1. Yes, however you'll need the fascia for the front of the dash. The silver part that goes around my radio changed on the later facelift models… Your car will be a pre-facelift. Show the photo to Seat Parts and they should be able to find it.

  5. Hi mate, on your YouTube video, you mention needed an adapter cable for something. Could you please let me know what this is as after watching your video, I am looking to get this exact unit aswell.

    1. It’s for cars on the older CANBUS platform. It should work on the standard wiring on cars from mid 2009 onwards.

      1. Hi Chris, I ended up Getting a 2012 Eco Model, So would this work without any other mods? like the satnav and bluetooth etc?

        1. The unit will use it's own built in bluetooth module rather than the one in the car. The navigation I'm unsure as my car didn't have this.

          1. Oh my car doesn't have navigation, so i would gain that? Does it have to be plugged in fir car play?

          2. You'll get it through Apple CarPlay yeah. Just like my first photo.

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