Install Emulators and ROMs to Amazon Fire TV Stick

I’ve had a couple of people ask me for advice regarding the process of loading emulators to the Amazon Fire TV Stick as well as ROM’s. The process isn’t too difficult and if you follow the guide below you should find the process fairly straight forward.

Firstly there is no requirement to install any software to your computer, I’d recommend you download the ZIP file provided in this post that will give you all the materials required.

Link to ZIP File

Fire TV Stick Preperation

Okay before we do anything we need to enable ADB Debugging on the Fire TV Stick;

From the Fire TV Home screen, select Settings
Go to System and then Developer Options
Select ADB Debugging to change it to ON

And now let’s find out the IP Address of your Fire TV Stick – write this down;

Go to System > About > Network, and note the IP Address.

Emulator Install

Let’s install the emulators to the Fire TV Stick. My package doesn’t include any emulators or ROMs so you must source these. Once you have the emulators (APK Files) put them into the emulators folder of my package and give them simple names such as “SNES.APK” or “MD.APK”.

Once done, go back to the root of my package and hold the SHIFT key on your keyboard and right-click, select “Open command window here”.


So we’ll install each of the emulators you have individually by repeating the bottom two lines as much as required. Key in each line here and press return afterwards.

adbadb kill-server
adbadb start-server
adbadb connect [IP Address of your Fire TV Stick]
adbadb install Emulatorssnes.apk
adbadb install Emulatorsmd.apk

Following this you can now to go Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications on your Fire TV Stick and confirm the emulators are installed.

Once happy, we’ll proceed with the ROMs.

Creating Folders for ROMs

If you have done this already via a file manager and are aware of the paths, this step can be skipped.

If you still have the command prompt window open from installing the emulators – follow the commands below to create folders for your ROMs as required, you can call them whatever you want and don’t have to copy me but it may make things simpler for you in the next step.

adbadb shell “mkdir /sdcard/ROMS-SNES”
adbadb shell “mkdir /sdcard/ROMS-MEGADRIVE”

Next, we’ll copy ROMs into these folders.

Copying ROMs to Fire TV Stick

The key here is preparation, be fully aware of the folder names on your Fire TV Stick and create folders with identical names in my package to keep things simple. Put the relevant ROMs into the correct folders within my package.

Again if you have the command prompt window still open, fire away with the commands below;

adbadb push ROMS-SNES /sdcard/ROMS-SNES/

This will “push” any ROMs from the folder on your computer to the folder on the Fire TV Stick.

Next Steps

At this point you are done, you may use a file manager on the Fire TV Stick to confirm the ROMs have indeed copied into the folders. Next, launch the emulators and open the ROMs – you may wish to set a default folder for each of the emulators to each ROM folder.

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