How to stop wireless printer going offline every reboot!

Earlier this year I purchased a Samsung M2835DW wireless laser printer for my home office, it’s been great however I’ve recently stumbled across a minor annoyance that seems to plague a number of wireless printers used with Microsoft Windows.


The problem would be that each time I want to print something it would fail stating the printer was offline.  The printer however wasn’t offline, it was connected to my router and via a web browser I could view the printer web interface just fine.  To fix it, I would remove the printer and re-add it, it would then show online and work fine UNTIL I restart the machine and the situation repeated itself.

I tried the following;

  • Rebooted the printer.
  • Removed and reinstalled the Samsung software.
  • Re-connected by cable and reverted to wireless again.
  • Issued a static IP address.
  • Attempted to use the Windows driver.

With none of these options providing any success at all, very very infuriating.  I attempted to call Samsung but despite claiming their service support was open on Saturday the support for printers is not and the problem isn’t major enough for me to take time out my working day to call them.

However, I found the fix!  Incredibly simple and the instructions are right here if you are suffering the same problem (These are written from Windows 7, but similar steps should be taken with Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10).

  1. From the Start Menu or Control Panel select Devices and Printers.
  2. On the affected printer, right click and select “See What’s Printing”dev_printers
  3. On the next window from the Printer menu uncheck “Use Printer Offline” if it is checked at the moment.use_printer_offline

Now when I selected this option, the printer which was shown as faded (Offline) immediately showed as online.  I was able to print successfully without having to remove and re-add, I then rebooted and the printer remained online.

There are many variables that can impact issues when wireless printing but if you are facing similar symptoms to what I have been, please try this first!

If it works for you also, it would be great to hear of your success below!

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