How to install Android on an HP Touchpad (CM10)

Last year as HP announced that they were no longer developing their (Awful) WebOS the Touchpad took a huge drop in value and sales shot up.  It may indeed have been an awful tablet OS but if it’s cheap enough it makes for a good gift or to carry out basic tasks.

Good news, it’s now possible to install Android easily onto these tablets making it much more pleasing to use, familiar and providing a large number of third party app options.  It’s taken time to become stable, but I can’t think of a reason if you have a Touchpad why you wouldn’t want to install Android on it now.


So, I’ve provided the links and steps below that you can use to do this.  There are a number of guides and mixed quality videos on YouTube, the steps I have provided were successful for me.  No prior experience of flashing a ROM, installing a driver or using the command prompt required.

Firstly ensure that Java is installed to your machine, this will allow us to install the drivers required for communicating with the device once in Recovery state.  You can download Java from the following website;

  1. Download the Novacom file package and run the UniversalNovacomInstaller-1.3 java file – it’ll install the Novacom drivers.
  2. Once the drivers are installed, navigate to the following folder (Same for x86 and x64 systems) C:Program FilesPalm, Inc
  3. From the Novacom file package, open the folder titled “Add to Palm, Inc folder” copy the files and paste them into the folder you opened on Step 2.  Supporting screenshot below.
  4. Download a CyanogenMod ROM, download link here CM10 Jelly Bean :
  5. Once downloaded, extract the file to expose the cminstall folder.
  6. Connect the Touchpad to your computer via USB and put it into USB Drive Mode.
  7. Copy the cminstall folder from your computer to the root directory of the touchpad and disconnect the touchpad from your computer.
  8. Now, reboot the touchpad using the method below – as soon as you select the Restart option hold the volume up button.
    To reboot : Go to Settings > Device Info > Reset Options and select Restart.
  9. If done correctly, the device will show a large USB symbol on the screen – connect the touchpad to your computer again.
  10. Now we’ll execute the install of the ROM from the Command Prompt.  On your computer hold the windows key down and press R, at the Run dialogue enter CMD and press enter.  The command prompt will display.
  11. Type cd and press enter.
  12. Type cd program files and press enter.
  13. Type cd palm, inc and press enter.
  14. Lastly, type novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller3 and press enter.

When you get to this point, you’re done!  The touchpad will shortly start displaying lines of text that looks similar to the command prompt interface, when this happens disconnect the USB cable from the touchpad.  It is normal for some lines to pause, but after a few minutes the Android setup screen will display.

Supporting image for Step 3.

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