How to enable cheats in RetroPie

Sometimes I need to accept that there are some games I’ve simply got worse at over the years and feel the itch to enable a cheat, but how do we do that on our retro console? Luckily, it’s made very easy for us. Using this guide, in a matter of minutes we’ll download all cheat codes for all games and consoles and cover how we select those we want to enable.

This guide is split into two parts, first we’ll download the cheats (One off exercise) then we’ll enable some cheat codes which you can do as and when you require going forward. I want to point out two things that;

  1. Some cheats that are available don’t work… and I don’t know why.
  2. Some cheats don’t work on some emulators. I had much more success with Mega Drive (Genesis) cheats on Genesis Plus GX than the default PicoDrive.

I apologise in advance for the picture quality, I thought they’d be better than nothing but one day will look to update them.

Downloading Cheats

Ok, start by launching a game. You’ll see below I launched and started Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

Open the emulator menu by holding Select and pressing X.

Select Online Updater.

Select Update Cheats and watch the bottom left of the screen for the status/progress.

Game cheats for all consoles and games have now been downloaded.

Enable Cheats

Go back to the main menu and select Quick Menu.

Select Cheats.

Select Load Cheat File.

Select the console and then the game you wish to view cheats for, the list is quite long but you can quickly jump letters using the L and R buttons as in the RetroPie menu.

To enable a cheat on the list, press left or right to toggle On/Off. Once happy you’ve enabled your cheats, select the Apply Cheat Changes option at the top. Watch the bottom-left of the screen for a status update on cheats being applied, this is pretty quick.

Go back and resume your game, there is no requirement to reboot.


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