Extract Recordings from Sky Box

This post will show you how to extract recordings from your Sky Digibox and use them on your computer.  Following this, you can upload the videos to YouTube, Mobile Phone, iPad, iPod, Etc.

I’ve created a video of the process that can be found at the bottom of this post.

Firstly, you can only extract recordings from Free-to-air channels and not Free-to-view or Subscription channels.  The guide below can be used for any Sky box at this time, the video shows the hard drive being removed from a Samsung Sky+ HD box – the removal process will differ for different boxes.

What you’ll require…

Sky Digital Set Top Box.
Philips screwdriver, I used a 1x75mm one perfectly.
Windows PC
SATA > USB Interface (I use a docking station, you can use an enclosure … It’s IDE for older boxes!)
Internet Connection


Project X


  1. First of all, disconnect all connections from the Sky box.
  2. Open the case and remove the internal HDD.
  3. Download the two softwares above, and extract for use.
  4. Connect the HDD to your PC and allow for it to be detected by Windows.
  5. Launch +Extract.
  6. The recordings will show, check the box for those to extract.
  7. On the right hand side, select the folder to extract to.
  8. Click on File, then Extract Selected Recordings.
  9. The files will be extracted to your selected folder.  Launch Project X.
  10. Click File and Add, select one of the files you extracted.
  11. Click Prepare and select M2P.
  12. Select the Play/Pause button.  Conversion will begin and you’ll be left with a playable file.
  13. For further format support… you can convert with Handbrake.

10 thoughts on “Extract Recordings from Sky Box

  1. I have a second question. If I sourced, for example, an Amstrad box, can I just stick my HDD into that. Or do Sky code in the HDD to only work with the motherboard in my current box? I wouldn't put it past them! Cheers

  2. Hi there. Found your video on youtube and wanted to know if that extract program can then insert the recordings onto another HDD? I want to buy a second hand refurbished Sky HD box with a bigger hard drive and copy my programs across. Is this possible? Samsung model Sky HD+ box here as well. Thanks

  3. Hi, I am upgrading to a Sky Q box, and I would like to be able to access some recordings of BBC programs on the old Sky+ HD box.
    Are BBC programs considered to be FTA ?
    Does the software you are recommending run on a Windows 7 or Win 10 laptop ?
    TIA for your help.
    Rgds Roger

  4. Hi Chris, After I download and extract project x like in your youtube video there is No Projectx exe file but only another rar file which when extracted has no exe file to start the software. Can you help me and tell me what to do? Cheers

  5. Hi Chris I recently followed your youtube video re: sky +hd copy/extract and project x. Problem is they unzip ok but although the screen looks similar I do not get the recordings listed or the check box to select "launch" AFTER EXTRACTING AS ADMINISTRATOR. Any suggestions?

  6. I removed the HD from sky box but when I connect to the PC the computer does not mount it for me. The step "Connect the HDD to your PC and allow for it to be detected by Windows." goes bad for me.

    I can see the HD present by accessing the computer management inside administrative tools but it seems to use a Linux partition.

  7. Hello, this skycopy offline…
    you have the link extract for down??

    send me please!!


  8. Will I still be able to get at the recordings on the Sky+ HD hard drive even though I've cancelled my subscription to Sky?
    I've read somewhere that once you cancel your subscription then the recordings are automatically deleted, even the FTA ones?

    1. Hi,

      I can confirm that if you terminate your Sky subscription, you will still be able to extract the recordings. (It's exactly what I did)

      Do bear in mind however, that you are only able to extract FTA recordings. If there are methods of doing all recordings, I'm not aware of this.

      Thanks, Chris.

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