Enable Enhanced Bluetooth (EBT) Package on BMW 1-Series F20/F21

First point to note, this post is aimed at F20/F21 owners as that is what I have completed the procedure in – this is also possible on the F22 (2-Series) and F30 (3-Series).

My understanding is this, when ordering the EBT package with your car (Approx £400) it’s fitted with a Combox which provides the functionality along with enabling the feature in the iDrive. Good news if you have BMW Professional Navigation or a 2014* model – your car will have a Combox and armed with the tools below (Less than £10) you can enable EBT.


* I don’t know the exact date, but I took delivery of my car Mid-May and it has a Combox – my friends collected Mid-April doesn’t have one. You can check for a Combox in the boot – a telltale sign from the interior is the presence of the SOS button next to the front interior light.

Tools Required

ENET Diagnostic Cable (Click here, £8.85 delivered)
Laptop Computer with Ethernet Port
Software (E-Sys & PSdZData)


  1. Install the E-Sys software and PSdZData. I can’t provide you with this software, feel free to contact me for advice on where to source. When sourced, follow the instructions provided to install software.
  2. Start your car, connect the OBD2 cable to the port just above the bonnet release lever.
  3. Disable the wireless connection on your laptop, connect the other end of the cable (Ethernet) to your laptop and observe the network connection icon in the system tray – you are looking for a yellow triangle with a “Limited connectivity” status. It may take around 60 seconds for this to happen.
  4. Launch the E-Sys application and on the toolbar click the Connect button.
  5. Under the Target option select your car based on chassis, don’t select the Direct option. For my car, I selected F020. If you don’t have any options under Target then the install of software has been performed incorrectly.
  6. For the Interface, select Connection via VIN. If this can’t be selected, the connection isn’t established between the laptop and the car. Try starting the engine if you haven’t already, disable any other connections like Wireless and ensure the cables are connected.
  7. At the bottom, select Series, I-Step Shipment and leave the next two fields empty.
  8. Click the Connect button and await confirmation of a successful connection.
  9. From the panel on the left select Expert followed by Coding,
  10. Press the Read button, and when you see a folder(s) in the box below press the Save button and then save the XML file onto your computer.
  11. Next press Edit and you’ll find the screen changes on the left hand side to FA-Editor.
  12. Expand FAList if not already then right click on FA and select Calculate FP.
  13. Expand out the following path “FAListFAFZAuftragType” and select SALAPA Element.
  14. Some codes will display down the bottom, find 6NH and replace it with 6NS.
  15. Click the icon at the top-right hand side of the codes to apply changes.
  16. On the folders at the top again, right click FA and select Calculate FP to verify again before writing.
  17. Press the save icon on the toolbar.
  18. On the menu bar at the left hand side, select VCM from the Expert section.
  19. At the bottom, in the File tab within Vehicle Order click the … icon and select the XML file you created.
  20. Again, right click FA at the top followed by Calculate FP.
  21. At the bottom, select the Master tab (May be VCM Master) followed by Write FA FP.
  22. Now at the bottom right select Read SVT.
  23. On the list of folders find one starting HU_ and right click it and select Code. If you have music playing it’ll stop and the iDrive will shut down and reboot itself.
  24. Next find a folder titled CMB_MEDIA and do the same, right click and select Code.
  25. You have successfully enabled EBT on your car.

Please note that I was unable to find a single set of soup-to-nuts instructions and therefore wrote my own – the above worked perfectly for me. I’m by no means experienced or an expert at this.


Note also that this will allow you to use an iPhone connected to the cars USB port using the Apple USB cable and not the Y-Cable, additionally album artwork will display when connected via USB. (Not supported via A2DP Audio Streaming)


9 thoughts on “Enable Enhanced Bluetooth (EBT) Package on BMW 1-Series F20/F21

  1. I have just had this done on my F31, built in Oct 2013. Apparently after Sep 2013, those cars with business nav have all the kit required for the EBT code (6NS) to be enabled.
    If you are in the Manchester area, Steve at Autotecnic, Altrincham, can do it for £70. Money well spent for me.
    I'm now not tearing my hair out not being able to stream music!

  2. Hi Chris,
    I have a BMW 114d and i only have the telephone bluetooth. I would like to know if i could be able to code the audio bluetooth in. I have a combox. Also does this avoid warranty.

  3. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your guide! I got a little stuck at step 21. I can select write fa fp at master Tan however at the bottom I have two read SVT. One says target and the other actual. I tried both . When I right click on the HU_ it only shows collapse or expand all. So I cannot do code. Any advice on what I could be doing wrong? Thanks

  4. Hi Chris,

    Great write-up. Works like a charm.
    One question though, did your speech button start working after these steps? Mine still doesn't do a thing.


    1. Thank you Ramon.

      Mines was the very same, it's almost like the speech button isn't connected to anything.

    1. Hi Nouk – I am unsure. I thought that all BMW models came with this enabled now though, I had an entry level 1-Series courtesy car at the start of the year and it had this feature built in. I would recommend reading up on the Baby BMW forums, there are some knowledgeable guys there that will have no doubt explored this. Thanks, Chris.

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