Easterntimes Tech T7 / VicTsing 7200DPI Gaming Mouse Review

First I want to make clear I think as far as value for money goes, you’ll struggle to beat this! The mouse is manufactured by “Easterntimes Tech” and is branded as such on the bottom in addition to a T7 logo but often comes under other names, currently “VicTsing 7200DPI on Amazon and TOMOKO on some other sites. It comes in a pretty cheap plain cardboard box but then I appreciate savings in this area – given the option would consumers pay extra for a nice box? I wouldn’t.

Size of the mouse is nice, no ergonomic shaping here. There are seven buttons in total (Left, Middle/Wheel and Right Click then two buttons on top to adjust the DPI/Colour and two buttons on the left side that by default act as Back and Forward) as the Back/Forward buttons are on the left it may make use by a left handed person a little odd. The mouse does have some film on the bottom feet that aren’t obvious but when removed it glides along a mouse mat much smoother.

Connected to my Windows 10 system the mouse works instantly as you’d expect – it lights up too (Green I think) with a breathing/pulsing animation. Pressing the DPI buttons adjusts both the colour and the DPI which I instantly realised can be very high and sensitive. I was quite happy with a DPI of 2,400 and as a result I installed the software with multiple profiles with the same DPI and multiple colours, I also opted for steady lights and didn’t want any breathing or flashing animations but if that appeals to you there are many options available.

Overall I highly recommend this mouse, sure it’s branded as a gaming mouse but it’s a great all purpose mouse for the money.

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8 thoughts on “Easterntimes Tech T7 / VicTsing 7200DPI Gaming Mouse Review

  1. Hello – I purchased this mouse a while ago but it did not arrive with any software. What is the software that works with this to change the DPI/colors etc? Thank you

    1. Hi Enid – You can find the software here, the first ZIP file at the bottom. httpss://tinyurl.com/t7mousefiles Thanks, Chris.

  2. i did bought the mouse, but after updating to win 10 (i changed pc) the mouse got a nice teleport bug were it just warp to another part of the screen, so i decided to get the driver from the manufacturer site, well the site is a mess but still got the 2016 app that says driver from it then install still did not fix it i dig up a bit and guess what, they are not drivers at all, the program they call driver (the one you showed) is just an interface to use the other functionality of the mouse in the peripheral windows its using Microsoft 2006 drivers!! i tried to uninstall the 2006 driver and whit the keyboard install the file but there is 0 driver in it after restart it still take the old driver from Microsoft and don't try to contact the maker unless you want to call in china i don't haven know what info works because there is 2 Eastern Times Tech site i found, they are both missing function and have dead links

    1. Hi Marco – The standard "HID Compliant" driver from Microsoft is the one that is intended to be used with this mouse. I'm using it on Windows 10 with no problems. Can you try the mouse on another system? Thanks, Chris.

  3. hmm, i bought this mouse and its nice and all but i feel like the laser is way too sensitive as you have to lift it up too high for it not to get picked up

    1. Hi Dave – Have you tried reducing the DPI in the software? I have mines at the lowest setting and find it perfect for daily use. Thanks, Chris.

  4. i have a problem with the mouse, that is if i pull quickly to a point the mouse stops at one point and that bothers gaming the most and i wanted to ask is that because of the pad or because i play with 500dpi?

    1. It could be the DPI. Have you tried to change it in the software? You can set it up so you can change the DPI on the mouse and try different settings.

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