Drevo Tyrfing V2 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review

Update 08 September 2018 – At a little over six months old this keyboard showed some paint wearing on the keycaps prematurely which was very disappointing. As I was writing a message of complaint to the Drevo support mailbox the keyboard stopped working altogether. I tried it on two different computers – dead. I sent the keyboard away for repair (At my cost) and after a period of time I was provided with a full refund. Despite my initial great reaction to this keyboard as detailed below, I can no longer recommend it.

This is my first purchase of a mechanical keyboard and selected this one following positive reviews and feedback online.

The keyboard has a solid quality feel – it’s a heavy keyboard with good rubber feet at the bottom keeping it held solid on the desk. The cable is braided with no pattern – the cable is also well gripped in the keyboard and channels exist so you can have the cable exit at the centre/left/right of the keyboard, cable length is also very good as my PC is on the floor under the desk and it reaches fine.

The lighting on the keyboard is incredibly flexible, so much more than I’d ever need. You can modify the colours and animation styles from the keyboard itself using the function key but using the software is (In my opinion) a bit easier to understand and flexible. The colours can be set at an individual key level if you wish – brightness and speeds can also be quickly adjusted using the function and cursor keys. The software is a quick download and sits silently in the taskbar using a mere 63.4MB of memory (Win 10).

The switches are manufactured by Outemu, I went for the brown switches and whilst I can’t compare to Cherry I can confirm they feel really nice and aren’t too loud. The box includes a key puller which I’ve photographed below. I did check that keycaps are compatible across switches – Cherry keycaps will fit onto these if you wish to do so.

Overall great keyboard, highly recommend. If I were to suggest improvements, a bluetooth offering would be good (If you need this, consider the Drevo Calibur) as would a model with a numerical keypad – I can do without this on my personal machine but not on my business machine.

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2 thoughts on “Drevo Tyrfing V2 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review

  1. Thank you David. I'm not aware of a way to customise the individual keys without the software but can confirm the software uses very little memory if that was the concern (Currently 54.7MB on Win 10 X64). The sound from the keys and keyboard included is a nice solid click. I've been using it daily and highly recommend.

  2. Chris, greetings from across the pond. Good review. Do you know if the individual key colors can be assigned without use of the software? And do the keys 'chatter' – especially the larger keys such as the spacebar?

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