Archeer BT-07 Bluetooth Audio Transmitter / Receiver Review

An organisation called Archeer based in Shenzen, China have kindly sent me one of their bluetooth transmitters for review. As per the title, you can use this with multiple devices and use bluetooth headphones or speakers with a non-bluetooth device (Transmitter mode) or use it with a wired set of headphones or speakers to pick up a bluetooth audio from something like a phone or tablet – very cool!

Let’s start with the outside. It comes in a nicely presented box as you can see above. The company branding and model number is in a reflective foil, it looks like a good quality item before you even unbox it. Reminded me a little of the early Amazon Fire TV Sticks, actually.

Inside we have the bluetooth device itself sitting on top with the bundled cables and connections sitting below it. This device has a built in battery which you charge and should expect to see about 13 hours playing time when used. I charged the device via my Desktop PC USB without any problems.

In the box we have the device itself along with a manual. The manual is pretty easy to understand, I had some issues using the optical cable and it didn’t take me long to figure out why. We then have an optical cable, 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable, 3.5mm to RCA/Phono cable and lastly a Micro USB charging cable. You can’t use the device as a bluetooth device by connecting it via USB – the cable and USB are only for charging.

Operation of the unit is very easy with switches to toggle Transmit/Receive and also between AUX/SPDIF modes. Pairing a bluetooth device is a breeze, it goes into pairing mode as soon as it’s powered on. For a fair comparison I used a pair of Betron headphones with a bluetooth and wired interface and switched between both and I couldn’t hear a difference in the quality. Was there a lag/latency? Yes – when using the 3.5mm cable to the bluetooth device broadcast to the headphones it was very noticeable and would be off putting.

I connected the optical cable to my TV and broadcast to the headphones and noticed a huge reduction in lag. I assume this is because the transmitter is receiving and broadcasting a digital signal and not having to do that conversion from the 3.5mm cable. The lag wasn’t gone completely but bear in mind I’m using budget bluetooth headphones and a better quality set may have no lag – as has been reported by other owners.

I’m yet to try the device in receive mode and will do so as soon as I have an opportunity.

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