Anker SoundBuds Sport Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review

At the start of this week I ordered a set of these headphones from Amazon for the rather low price of £16.  Link to the product page here if you like what you read.

What are they? Basically they are in-ear headphones, earphones, earbuds or whatever other name you may like to use. There are loads of options available at this price point, I selected Anker based on previous positive experiences with their aftermarket batteries.

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First thing I wanted to state is that these headphones are advertised as noise cancelling and able to receive telephone calls as they have a built in mic.  Prior to purchase I researched and not surprising these are very poor – the mic quality is poor and the noise cancelling isn’t great either… though at £16 I think this is to be expected.


Friends and family will know I like to cycle but earlier this week I thought I’d give running a bash also, I bought these headphones solely for my running to head the running coach/instruction podcast without worrying about cables.

What I like about these headphones is that the battery/batteries are build into the buds and not within the cable adding weight/tugging once fitted in place.  Additionally, the earbuds are magnetic meaning once my run is done and I’m making my way home I can remove the earbuds and clip them round my neck without having to hold or store them.

You can see above what is included in the packaging, three sets of rubber membranes to suit different ear sizes and also little rubber extensions that secure the buds into your ear – I’m not sure these little extensions add any value if I’m honest.  A standard Micro USB cable is included for charging and a little pouch for storing them which closes also magnetically.  The headphones are held together magnetically in the photo above but the magnet isn’t very strong.


The headphones charge pretty quickly and show a red LED when charging, this goes out when fully charged. I’m not sure if there is a battery in both, but the charger only connects to one.

One side has the power/play/pause/pair button on it and the other has the volume controls.


Pairing with my Samsung Galaxy S7 was a breeze, there is an audible tone that can be used to work out when the headphones are powered on and when it’s in pairing mode.

The quality of sound is what I’d describe as reasonable. It isn’t on par with the wired headphones bundled with the Galaxy S7 or the Apple Earpods but it’s clear enough to listen to music and head verbal instructions.  If you like your bass, these won’t be for you – bass is almost non existent with these headphones.

This is a brief summary of my thoughts on the headphones.  For me, at this price point and the reason I bought them they are perfect – I have good wired and bluetooth headphones at home I use for listening to quality music but for my running they’ll do.

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