Angelwax H2GO Rain Repellent Review

A number of years back I tried out some Rain-X rain repellent on my Seat Ibiza and whilst it done what it said on the tin, I wasn’t impressed with the smearing or the fact it only lasted a few days before it became less effective.  Since that attempt, I’ve been put off using rain repellent on my windscreens.

Over the past four or five years I’ve spent a lot more time and money caring for the condition of my cars and my recent Seat Leon has had first class treatment from the day I picked it up from the Seat dealership.  Having recently passed the year mark I’ve given the car it’s second annual detail – a deep detailed wash, clay, polish, wax and seal.  Each week when I wash the car I’m always impressed with the finish.

The glass however, other than being clayed is never treated with any solutions and I’ve always considered trying something else out, this week Auto Express featured Angelwax H2GO Superior Rain Repellent and as Angelwax are local to me I paid a visit to their premises and tried the stuff out.  At the time of posting, the solution is £4.95 for a 100ml spray bottle.


They say that a picture speaks a thousand words – well the one above doesn’t.  So I made a video which you can view at the bottom of this post.

Application : I applied three coatings to the front windscreen and two to the side and tailgate windows.  Each application was done by a generous spray of the solution and a gentle wipe in, the solution was left on the glass for 15 minutes until it started hazing then I wiped it off – similar to applying wax.

I then dug out the hose and camera and captured the video you see below.  The water as you can see comes off pretty quickly and leaves the screen fairly clear, as expected it clears off the rear and side windows quicker due to their gradient.

Shortly after this I went out a drive and when the rain came on the results are much more impressive, any droplets of water that were on the windscreen cleared when the car reached 25-30MPH – when on the motorway and doing 50+ MPH when the rainfall touches the screen it clears instantly without the requirement for window wipers.

Then the smearing, if I were to say there was no smearing this would be incorrect – however it is minimal and much less than previously experienced with Rain-X.  How long the solution will last I’m not to sure, reports of over 30 days have been seen online so I’m feeling confident about this.

If you have faulty wipers, this is a must!  If you’d like to remove your wipers – this stuff will see you through the rain – how often you need to re-apply I can’t confirm as yet.

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