Having worked in an IT environment for over 10 years now, I also actively participate in a number of technical support and help communities online. Around the middle of 2011 I gained some exposure to Learning & Development in my professional career and when I realised that people learn things in a number of different ways I started supporting some of my posts in these technical communities by creating a short demonstration or tutorial video.

Channel Today

Fast forward to the present I have somewhere in the region of 250 videos on my YouTube channel currently with in excess of 2,000 subscribers contributing to over 2,000,000 views.

Why Bother?

Like this website and blog, I don’t create this content for my personal gain or profit, I personally feel fulfilled and valued knowing that the content I create is helping others in both their personal and professional lives. I regularly receive great feedback and success stories from people who have benefited from reading/watching my content and it’s this recognition that provides the motivation to continue.

Check it out!

Please feel free to check out my YouTube channel by clicking the icon below, if the content appeals to you feel free to subscribe!