Theme Hospital on Windows 7/8 in Full HD

I remember the release of Theme Hospital back in 1997 and the many hours spent playing the game, it was great fun and for me nothing similar has come close since. Try running that game on a computer of todays generation and you’ll struggle to get it to run and when it runs – you’ll have that dated 1024×768 screen resolution to put up with.


Good news, there is an easier way. Firstly, have you lost or binned the CD? No problem, Theme Hospital (And many other games) are now so old they are classed as “Abandonware” and it can be downloaded for free.

With the games ISO downloaded, download and install a free archiving tool like 7-Zip and extract the Theme Hospital ISO to a folder and move it somewhere safe on your hard drive.

Don’t worry about installing the game from the folder that you’ve just created, it’s really just the core game content we’re looking for here. Next we’ll install a Theme Hospital mod CorsixTH that’ll run in modern 64-Bit operating systems and allow us to play Theme Hospital in HD.

Visit the CorsixTH website here.

Download the latest version of the CorsixTH Installer (It’s 0.30 today).

Run the CorsixTH Installer, when asked for an installation directory leave it at default. When asked for the contents of Theme Hospital, navigate to the folder you extracted from the ISO and select the HOSP folder within it.

Continue the installation and run CorsixTH when completed.

Enjoy Theme Hospital in Full HD once again! 🙂

If you would benefit from having a tutorial video of this, please comment and let me know,



  1. Anonymous

    22nd May 2015 - 23:56

    Thank you! <3

  2. Anonymous

    23rd June 2015 - 13:39

    Thank you so much. Been looking for Theme Hospital for ages!

  3. Faraj Santirso

    9th September 2015 - 14:18

    Thanks, it’s wonderful that there are people like you.

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