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Introduction to Rclone Browser

Earlier on this year, I wrote this post (Introduction to Rclone) which allows file transfers/synchronization of data between multiple remote locations and your local file system. I have been using Rclone for a number of months and have been really happy with it – feedback on Twitter and YouTube confirms

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Introduction to RClone

If you look online for an application to sync your data between different sources such as local filesystem or cloud – you don’t need to look far as there are loads on offer.  Start to consider the specific requirements and the options become incredibly limited – but one option is

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My thoughts on Google Photos

Just last week Thursday 28th of June, Google announced at their annual developer conference (Google I/O) a new service to their offering – Google Photos. Although that’s just it – it isn’t all new. This is a service that Google has offered previously as part of their unsuccessful social network

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Quick TV Show Renaming – Win & Mac

If like myself you are in the habit of downloading your favourite television shows (as you’ve missed them when broadcast on the TV) then you’ll likely experience the inconsistency in filenames as they vary depending on who created the file, how and where it has been shared. The Problem An

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Wii Softmod Simple Guide

Introduction Are you looking to softmod your Nintendo Wii? You have come to the right place, my simple guide below will take you from having an unmodified Nintendo Wii (Any firmware version) to having a console with much more capabilities such as running Emulators, Homebrew Applications, USB Game Loaders, Etc.

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