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Retroflag SUPERPi Case Review

Always on the look for better cases for my Raspberry Pi and the overall retro gaming experience, I think this could be the perfect solution! It isn’t too expensive either! On the outside the case looks like a great replica of the SNES Mini. That is correct America, we call

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Wii Softmod Simple Guide

Introduction Are you looking to softmod your Nintendo Wii? You have come to the right place, my simple guide below will take you from having an unmodified Nintendo Wii (Any firmware version) to having a console with much more capabilities such as running Emulators, Homebrew Applications, USB Game Loaders, Etc.

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Miss playing DOS games?

It’s been a while since I’ve sat with my first computer (Still in parents loft) and played some DOS games, on my old 486 I’d disabled Windows booting from the autoexec.bat script as many of my games launched direct from the DOS CLI itself. So be it The Chaos Engine,

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