Aug ’17 Cycling Dist. Challenge – Ride 2

I don’t think anyone would look out of their window this morning and call it a nice day, for me the weather was perfect for a cycle – no wind, no rain and a comfortable 13° Celsius. Exactly as forecasted last night – perfect!

I set off again at 06:30 and this time headed to Lochwinnoch. Again it’s a perfectly flat route that I’ve done more times that I can remember but is ideal for this challenge.

I cycled this very route last week but failed to notice any signs stating the cycle path would be closed at parts – when I reached Johnstone the path was closed and I had to take the road to re-join the path at Kilbarchan. Not an issue but had I known I’d have come off the path earlier and taken a different route.

That gives me another 22 miles in the bag with 732 to go…

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