Aug ’17 Cycling Dist. Challenge – Ride 14

I didn’t make it out for a cycle for three whole days, sometimes you have to prioritise other commitments and waking up each morning to high winds and heavy rain is incredibly demoralizing.

I did plan a cycle for this morning and decided to head into the City Centre – down the other side of the river to Clydebank and home via the Erskine Bridge. There was no rain, little wind and although there was a lot of start/stop there it was a nice ride.

I’ve also had a reality check, month to date I’ve cycled 377 miles which I’m feeling good about however to hit the 776 mile target for the challenge I’d need to cycle at least 39 miles every remaining day this month – that isn’t going to happen.

Despite knowing I won’t hit the target I’ll not stop – I wanted to get back into cycling regularly and I’m happy that this is happening. Instead of seeing the “XXX” miles to go I’ll focus more on the “XXX” miles cycled. I’ll keep the target on the home page to see how far off I was.

As above, I’ve cycled 377 miles so far this month.

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