Aug ’17 Cycling Dist. Challenge – Ride 11

With a pretty positive weather forecast, I decided that in addition to my Distance Challenge today would be the day I complete the August Gran Fondo – to complete at least 100km in a single ride.

My intention was to cycle from home to Kilwinning which has a 5 mile section of hills, meet Steven at Kilwinning and then cycle to Ayr together for a bite to eat then head back to Kilwinning.

Pleased to say this was a success and I covered 105km (65.7 miles) if you wish you can view the ride detail on Strava here.

This distance boosted my monthly progress to 39% leaving me with 470 miles to go.

One thought on “Aug ’17 Cycling Dist. Challenge – Ride 11”

  1. You never mentioned the highlight off your run. Meeting Liz and your Great Uncle Robert back in the saddle at 65. OAPs rule.

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